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Wagz Wear has everything you need for Your pampered pooch - and everybody else’s as well! 

In 2012 Wagz Wear was created, quite by chance - right place, right time!

I had contacted a woman in Montreal whom I had been referred to, to purchase an ID Collar for my dog, Mocha. The woman informed me that she could create one for me, but that she was giving up the business and perhaps I would like to purchase more than 1 because I wouldn't be able to get another in the future. At the time I was unemployed and I thought - buy more than one collar ?? I'd like to buy the business!! I have always been "crafty" and knew how to sew and crochet and do stained glass. I enjoy being creative and so the next week I drove to Montreal, got a 5 minute lesson on how to sew webbing on her large industrial sewing machine and packed everything she had to sell into the back of my minivan!! I was almost in business...

The collars had been sent elsewhere to be embroidered, but that didn't seem like a great  option, so I then had to source an embroidery machine and figure out how to do the hard part - fitting the name and number onto a 3/4" wide piece of grosgrain ribbon! Another lucky meeting at a local sewing store set me on the right path to acquire the machines and learn every skill and "work around" that I would need.

Wagz Wear has been growing and expanding our product line ever since, but I am still a one woman army! I still love creating my unique personalized, made to measure ID Collars and different styles of Safety Leashes with built in Traffic Grips. I also embroider Car Seat Covers, Bandanas, and a few other smaller items such as key fobs, lanyards and felt Christmas tree and memorial ornaments for dogs, cats, horses, birds and bunnies!

I work from my home studio in the Newmarket, ON area and so enjoy all of my clients - both 2 and 4 legged. Dog people are the best !!

Wagz Wear's Canadian-made collars and leashes offer style, security and safety.

We put the FUN in FUNctional.